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TECHNOMARK spead in Korea

TECHNOMARK is making itself a name in Korea with its marking machines

According to Mecasphere, the magazine destined to the business leaders in mechanics ...

TECHNOMARK spead in Korea

“South Korea appears to be the most favorable Asian country to spread the industry of tomorrow.”, assures Sylvain Degeurce - in charge of the Seoul’s office of business France - in the Mécasphere periodical of June, meant for the heads of mechanics companies.

The expert quotes as an example : “TECHNOMARK Company … who is making itself a name in Korea thanks to the very qualitative rank of its offer.”

This tribute supported our strategy, established by our marketing and commercial departments, and objectively places us on the right track : keep working hard.

This news from the other side of the world in our humble La Talaudière makes us aware of our globalist vocation and the success of our worldwide strategy.