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-  Free sample marking  : In order to see for yourself the marking result on your parts, FLEXMARK offers to mark them at no charge. Once the samples are run, a detailed report of the results will be provided. The report will list each marking parameters, such as strength, font, speed, depth, and so on...Simply send us samples of your parts with a description of the marking that you want.

-  Feasibility study  : Our experienced Research Department is available to review your traceability requirements. They offer complete solutions including software and mechanical integration..

-  Free demonstration  : To provide you with the most suitable marking solution, FLEXMARK offers you to send you a sample marked on aluminum, steel, stainless steel or plastic.



-  Phone assistance  : FLEXMARK provides you with a personalized assistance. Whatever your requirement, a technician is available to provide you the best answers.

-  Maintenance Service contract  : In order to maintain your marking equipment in perfect working condition, FLEXMARK proposes a regular preventive maintenance contract for your marking equipment in our own premises. Just have to return your machine periodically to us and we will perform a complete overhaul.

-  Maintenance on-site Service contract  : FLEXMARK propose you regular visits from a technician to maintain your marking equipment in your own premises.

-  Adapted Solutions  : If necessary, FLEXMARK can provide you with a loan marking machine, at no charges during equipment overhaul.