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New ISO 9001 certification

Technomark renews its ISO 9001 certification

Since its creation in 2000, Technomark has been constantly improving its processes.​ In July 2018, this rigor was rewarded by obtaining the ISO 9001 version 2015 certification. In early January, Bureau Veritas conducted a new audit of the company and its internal processes. After two days of in-depth study of operations and organization, audits, controls, and interviews with staff, the auditors did not identify any non-compliance (minor or major).

Technomark Marking has therefore brilliantly renewed its ISO 9001 certification - 2015 version !​

Technomark renews its ISO 9001 certification

In addition, this certification is a proof of recognition for us, since it validates the management model. It shows the involvement and commitment of management team in the implementation of a quality management model, and the involvement of staff. And finally, it confirms the desire to improve the overall functioning, strengthen our position in the market and develop our relationship of trust with our customers, suppliers and other providers.​​