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To provide greater mobility to each operator, FLEXMARK designed a hand held model. Fully researched, the hand held model is perfect for marking large parts and difficult to reach surfaces. JPEG

Light and robust and portable characterize hand held model. Due to the integrated dual handle design and its trolley (in option), the portable model can be used in a workshop, or outdoors.

With its ergonomic design, it marks perfect quality characters in all positions.

Robust and very compact, it can be used in a workshop, or outdoors, for marking medium and large sizes parts.


- EASE OF USE : User friendly software interface, intuitive navigation with icon based menu, quick understanding and operation of the software

- READABLE : Large high definition color screen

- ECONOMICAL : High quality and performance for the price

- ERGONOMIC : Two holding handles on the marking head, locating foot and control box with carrying handle

- ROBUST : Aluminum cast parts

- POWERFUL : Mark several characters per second, thousands of files stored, USB based controller able to update in less than 2 minutes JPEG

- VERSATILE : Mark on many different materials up to 63 HRc (steel, aluminum, stainless, titanium, plastic, wood….)