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Dot Peen

This marking process is like a dot matrix printer. It enables surfaces up to 63 HRC Hardness to be permanently marked (steel, whether tempered or not, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, copper, brass, plastic material, wood...).

Marking characters (letters, numbers, symbols, logos) are carried out by creating a succession of dots (impacts) on the part. This process does not create any surface stress.

Micro-impact marking is carried out by a carbide stylus which is excited an up and down movement all through the marking process (50 impacts/ second). Core excitation is made through an electromagnet . The stylus, thanks to a spring, moves up and down marking the part.

The marking created by the FLEXMARK machines is conforms to the norms like DT0589 aeronautical and prEN9132 automotive norms...


- ECONOMICAL : No consumables

- MULTI-PURPOSE : Marks on all types of materials

- SIMPLE : Direct keyboarding

- QUALITY : 100% Programmable technology

- SIMPLICITY : Marking on all surfaces

- ECOLOGICAL : No material removal

- AUTONOMY : Single source of energy

- EFFICIENCY : High quality and quick marking